The Global Age of More for Less

Volume 1 • Issue 1 • November/December 2014
The Global Age of More for Less

Is the legal field currently witnessing a fundamental paradigm shift or temporary correction? It’s too soon to tell—but it may be both.

Corporate Purchasing: A Center on the Legal Profession Study

Corporate legal departments wield increasing power over the legal market. How do they select, work with, and decide to fire law firms? The Center on the Legal Profession examined these questions in a survey of general counsel.

Lean Efficiencies and Innovative Thinking

The chorus of client concerns about cost and efficiency in legal practice is increasingly emphatic. What are law firms doing to respond?

Avoiding Oxbridge Bias; Law for Undergraduates

Highlighting key stories about the profession you may have missed.

Pricing Legal Services in Uncertain Times

How are law firms handling fees as the economic downturn forces clients to do more with less?

A Response to the More for Less Dilemma

Richard Susskind