Disruptive Innovation in Legal Services

Volume 1 • Issue 2 • January/February 2015
Disruptive Innovation in Legal Services

Are legal services on the cusp of disruption? We explore the changes on the horizon for the legal profession—and how you can stay on top in disruptive times.

How Regulation Is—and Isn’t—Changing Legal Services

Broad agreement exists that regulatory change in the law is needed, but what will such changes bring? The answer still seems to be anybody’s guess.

The Pragmatic Innovator

The Innovative Practice:
Building systems thinking into law with Legal OnRamp

Finch Solutions

The Innovative Practice:
Technology helps Finch Solutions handle Brazil's outsized legal system

Selling Innovation to Law Firms

The Innovative Practice:
The challenges facing legal startups—and how to respond

Scales are pictured against a red background.
LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer Make Inroads

Highlighting key stories about the profession you may have missed.

Axiom: An Innovator’s Journey

The rise of a groundbreaking legal staffing firm, from inception to profitability

Cognitive Computing Will Transform Professions

Scott Ferrauiola
Associate General Counsel, IBM Watson Group